What’s New at Forvo

July 27, 2015

Hi readers, You’ve probably noticed a few new things about Forvo this month - most notably new look of Forvo. We wanted to update everyone on the new features and answer a few commonly asked questions.

Q: Can I still download words? A: Yes - click the downward facing arrow under the word pronunciation to download the MP3 pronunciation.

How to download words

Q: What happened to the search bar? A: There are now two search bars on Forvo – if you see “Translate + Pronounce Beta” in the grey area to the left of the search bar, then you are in the regular Forvo search bar where you can search for words under their original spelling.

Forvo's Existing Search Bar

If you click on "Translate + Pronounce BETA" text, you will see the text in the grey area changes to “Pronounce” and the search bar has two fields – one for inputting the word (in your own language) and the second a drop down menu for the language you want to search in. We now have translations for English, Russian, and Spanish and we plan on adding more as soon as we can. To change back to the old search bar, just click the grey "Pronounce" text to the left.

Enhanced Search Bar

Q: There’s something weird going on with your fonts… A: You’re right! The new font is showing in bold for some characters; a fix should be in place soon.

Q: What else is new? A: In one word, translations - users can now submit translations to Forvo for their native language. Approved translations will be shown in Forvo on the word page in the grey bar next to the phonetic transcription. To add a translation, log in to your Forvo account and search for the foreign word. Scroll your mouse over the translation and a drop down menu with an option to add the translation will appear.

Translation additions 

Q: Anything else? A: Content management, New Languages, & Lists. We are overhauling our content management, starting with the English section. As of today, the English section has phonetic transcriptions for 35% of the content – our goal is to have the section with 97% by the year end. If you are a native English speaker and would like to help, please email us at info@forvo.com.

So far for new languages we have introduced Luri this year and plan to add Naskapi in a few more weeks. Our goal is to add languages for which we have a minimum amount of content we can offer users. If you want to see your language added, please email us at the address above. The list making and sharing feature we originally planned to launch this summer has been pushed back to September. This feature will allow users to create and share lists of pronunciations on Forvo. Stay tuned on these developments and others by following us on twitter: @forvo.