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日付 単語 聞く 票数
07/08/2014 Béhagnies [fr] Béhagnies の発音を 0 票
07/08/2014 Tarlapan [fr] Tarlapan の発音を 0 票
07/08/2014 le chite [fr] le chite の発音を 0 票
07/08/2014 Belgeard [fr] Belgeard の発音を 0 票
07/08/2014 Bellac [fr] Bellac の発音を 0 票
07/08/2014 Bricort [fr] Bricort の発音を 0 票
07/08/2014 Les Buissonnets [fr] Les Buissonnets の発音を 0 票
07/08/2014 Geffard [fr] Geffard の発音を 0 票
07/08/2014 Lazorthes [fr] Lazorthes の発音を 0 票
07/08/2014 pognons [fr] pognons の発音を 0 票
07/08/2014 La Fromagerie Graindorge [fr] La Fromagerie Graindorge の発音を 0 票
07/08/2014 Villedieu-les-Poêles [fr] Villedieu-les-Poêles の発音を 0 票
07/08/2014 Testut [fr] Testut の発音を 0 票
07/08/2014 mettre à profit [fr] mettre à profit の発音を 0 票
04/08/2014 conjointe [fr] conjointe の発音を 0 票
04/08/2014 regarder un film [fr] regarder un film の発音を 0 票
04/08/2014 identifications [fr] identifications の発音を 0 票
04/08/2014 croix verte [fr] croix verte の発音を 0 票
04/08/2014 par téléphone [fr] par téléphone の発音を 0 票
04/08/2014 immatériels [fr] immatériels の発音を 0 票
04/08/2014 mimosa [fr] mimosa の発音を 0 票
04/08/2014 hortensia [fr] hortensia の発音を 0 票
04/08/2014 rebouchage [fr] rebouchage の発音を 0 票
04/08/2014 poutou [fr] poutou の発音を 0 票
04/08/2014 JT [fr] JT の発音を 0 票
04/08/2014 meuble de cuisine [fr] meuble de cuisine の発音を 0 票
04/08/2014 porte-serviette [fr] porte-serviette の発音を 0 票
04/08/2014 tri sélectif [fr] tri sélectif の発音を 0 票
04/08/2014 ordures domestiques [fr] ordures domestiques の発音を 0 票
04/08/2014 pollution sonore [fr] pollution sonore の発音を 0 票
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Hi everybody,
I'm French and live near Paris.
I've always been interested in foreign languages, so I've been studying English, Spanish, Portuguese, but also some Chinese, Romanian, and a couple of words of some other languages too...
I think being open to other cultures and languages is a key element for world peace, as they're all part of our common wealth as humans on this planet.

If you wish to improve your French, just pay a visit at the website Bernard12 and myself share by just typing "Froggyspeak" on your browser search bar or have a look at our "Froggyspeak" Facebook page!

性別: 男性

アクセント/国: フランス

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