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06/03/2012 rescheduled [en] rescheduled の発音を
06/03/2012 Endocrinopathy [en] Endocrinopathy の発音を
06/03/2012 stigmatise [en] stigmatise の発音を
06/03/2012 supercalifragilisticexpialidocious [en] supercalifragilisticexpialidocious の発音を 1 票
06/03/2012 Lotta [en] Lotta の発音を
06/03/2012 hospitalization [en] hospitalization の発音を
06/03/2012 unconcern [en] unconcern の発音を
06/03/2012 superimpose [en] superimpose の発音を
06/03/2012 auspice [en] auspice の発音を
06/03/2012 someday [en] someday の発音を
06/03/2012 substantially [en] substantially の発音を
06/03/2012 pneumatology [en] pneumatology の発音を
06/03/2012 exhortation [en] exhortation の発音を
06/03/2012 roofless [en] roofless の発音を
06/03/2012 medulla oblongata [en] medulla oblongata の発音を
06/03/2012 incentives [en] incentives の発音を
05/03/2012 apocryphal [en] apocryphal の発音を
05/03/2012 magnetic [en] magnetic の発音を
05/03/2012 asynchronously [en] asynchronously の発音を
05/03/2012 tourniquet [en] tourniquet の発音を
05/03/2012 beloved [en] beloved の発音を
05/03/2012 Nathan Fillion [en] Nathan Fillion の発音を
05/03/2012 tendons [en] tendons の発音を
05/03/2012 maturity [en] maturity の発音を
05/03/2012 adultery [en] adultery の発音を 1 票
05/03/2012 fraternal [en] fraternal の発音を 1 票
05/03/2012 maternal [en] maternal の発音を
05/03/2012 paternal [en] paternal の発音を 1 票
05/03/2012 Falter [en] Falter の発音を
05/03/2012 tabloid [en] tabloid の発音を


I'm a fiction writer with a strong interest in the sciences when I'm not immersing myself in languages and etymology.

I grew up in the central United States, with occasional visits to family in London.

性別: 女性

アクセント/国: アメリカ合衆国

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