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日付 単語 聞く 票数
20/01/2010 telecast [en] telecast の発音を
20/01/2010 tailpipe [en] tailpipe の発音を
20/01/2010 plagiarized [en] plagiarized の発音を
19/01/2010 Burroughs [en] Burroughs の発音を
19/01/2010 devo [en] devo の発音を
19/01/2010 glycolic peel [en] glycolic peel の発音を
19/01/2010 unipotent [en] unipotent の発音を
19/01/2010 multipotent [en] multipotent の発音を
19/01/2010 fibrocartilage [en] fibrocartilage の発音を
19/01/2010 hyaline [en] hyaline の発音を
19/01/2010 chondrocyte [en] chondrocyte の発音を
19/01/2010 Chondroblast [en] Chondroblast の発音を
19/01/2010 Areolar [en] Areolar の発音を
19/01/2010 Proteoglycan [en] Proteoglycan の発音を 1 票 もっとも良い発音
19/01/2010 Reticular [en] Reticular の発音を
19/01/2010 phagocytize [en] phagocytize の発音を
19/01/2010 Adipocyte [en] Adipocyte の発音を
19/01/2010 Fibroblast [en] Fibroblast の発音を
19/01/2010 ureter [en] ureter の発音を
19/01/2010 serous [en] serous の発音を
19/01/2010 Codon [en] Codon の発音を
19/01/2010 Pluripotent [en] Pluripotent の発音を
16/01/2010 anxiously [en] anxiously の発音を 2 票 もっとも良い発音
16/01/2010 biomolecule [en] biomolecule の発音を
15/01/2010 Richter [en] Richter の発音を
15/01/2010 defy [en] defy の発音を 2 票 もっとも良い発音
15/01/2010 waddling [en] waddling の発音を
15/01/2010 Reagan [en] Reagan の発音を
15/01/2010 mightiest [en] mightiest の発音を
15/01/2010 saviour [en] saviour の発音を


Born and raised in Toronto, Canada in 1971. I have a Ph.D in biological sciences, specifically genetics and cell biology.

I try to pronounce words as I would in everyday speech rather than fully enunciated. I speak with a West/Central Canadian accent. It is rhotic (final "R" pronounced), I pronounce cot-caught and Mary-merry-marry the same. I also speak with a Canadian Rising -- the vowel sound of "house" and "houses" is different and is the source of the amusing (yet incorrect) belief that Canadians pronounce "out and about" as "oot and aboot"; Wikipedia has a good article on this.

性別: 男性

アクセント/国: カナダ

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